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Cama: Your Special Friend - Change, Kindness, Love, Forgiveness

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Introducing Cama: Your Special Friend, a unique little elephant who mysteriously arrives just when she is needed most. In this collection of stories, readers will meet memorable characters from diverse backgrounds who are facing relatable struggles. Cama shows up with magical surprises while helping the characters, and the readers, find and express their own inner strengths to overcome life’s challenges. Cama is the special friend you will wish for your children and grandchildren.


For Parents:

CAMA Your Special Friend is a collection of stories for children 5 to 11 years old. The stories address important topics, Change (loss), Kindness ( to animals), Love ( of community ), Forgiveness ( bullying). The book is beautifully illustrated and printed on fine glossy papers.


Children's Story Book Story Book For Kids Bedtime Story Book

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